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Square shapes change it's names when value in the list changed

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    Square shapes change it's names when value in the list changed

    I have file with VBA that change shape names based on 2 lists data...
    1 list contain data like home, building, elevator etc... second has digits 1.2.3 etc. so every shape match it's name in namebox (not text in shape) to those two lists like home1, home2, builidng1, building2 etc...
    check image Click for image

    Script works fine if you only changing first list home, building, elevator but what I need VBA change to shape names when I change second column and use text instead of numbers 1,2,3, so it will be like

    list1 list2
    home left

    so I change left to right and shape update it's name to homeright

    check file
    Click for file


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