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Changing Text Format with Formula or Conditional Formatting with multiple values

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    Changing Text Format with Formula or Conditional Formatting with multiple values

    Hello all!

    To give you an idea of what I am trying to do, let me break down what I have...

    I currently have a workbook with multiple spreadsheets used to track requests received, and follow them throughout their life... sort of a "help desk" type of tracker, where we assign a ticket number and enter all the request info.

    The spreadsheet has a few different "request types" that the user selects when creating a new line. The types of requests are located on column "D", and these are:

    Invoice Submission
    Payment Processing
    General Inquiry

    Each one of these requests has an estimated processing time

    Invoice Submission - 10 Days
    Payment Processing - 3 Days
    General Inquiry - 1 Day

    Now, this is what I am trying to achieve.
    Column "C" has the date in which the request was received. What I would like to do is to enter a formula to change the color of the text in the corresponding cell, depending on the value. An example, referring to an entry Row 3:

    IF the request type (D3) equals "Invoice Submission" AND the date (C3) is GREATER than 10 days from TODAY, change the text color to RED

    So, if the request type is Invoice Submission and it has been more than 10 days from the date entered, change the Date color to RED.

    If the request type is Payment Processing and it has been more than 3 days, make date RED.

    If the request type is General Inquiry and it has been more than 1 day, make date RED.

    What I've tried so far
    I've tried using Conditional Formatting.
    I've been able to use it to change the colors depending on the date calculation, using this formula


    Using this formula in conditional formatting, I am able to change the color of all cells in which the formula is true. However, this formats all days which are greater than 10 days from today's date. As I mentioned before, different requests have different processing times.

    I've tried using "AND" arguments, and I haven't been lucky so far.

    I also tried using a complete "IF" argument in conditional formatting, but I believe it doesn't work, since conditional formatting is like an "IF" formula wizard on its own.

    I am not yet hands and feet into VB, so I might need some help if this is needed.

    I've atached one of the sheets which I am working on.

    Any help is truly appreciated!

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