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Unable to execute sub procedure with 2 arguments (compile error)

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    Unable to execute sub procedure with 2 arguments (compile error)

    I must be missing something very simple here... Here is a snipet of the code which is giving me a compile error http://i.imgur.com/5lLOf.png

    I am trying to run a sub procedure which imports data from csv files called "ImportVar1Data". This procedure works flawlessly having the variable "i" as a single argument. When I try passing in a second argument "Var1" which is simply a string value, I get the compile error. Is there something special that needs to be done when trying to use a variable holding a string value as an argument?

    EDIT: Yeah I was missing something very simple... I needed to put a "Call" before invoking the sub procedure. Apparently you need to use the Call command when invoking sub procedures with multiple arguments. I'm still pretty new to VBA lol
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