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Smart Art Org Chart Add New Root

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    Smart Art Org Chart Add New Root


    I have employees table with the following fields (Excel 2010):
    field1, employeeID, ManagerID, field3, field4, field5, EmployeeName.

    The following code generate smart art org chart.
    My problem: If the are more than 1 root it does not add the second root in level 0 (separate tree).

    How can I force new tree for each root ?

    Thank you for your help

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    Re: Smart Art Org Chart Add New Root

    Because your cell 2 needs to be the Parent ID(PID) in your case ManagerID and cell 3 needs to be the Subordinate in your case EmployeeID

    if you change (Line, 2)
    to (Line, 1) =====> Your ManagerID
    you can get rid of field1

    if you change your (Line, 3)
    to (Line, 2) =====> Your EmployeeID

    if you change (Line, 6)
    to (Line, 3)

    You can have all your information side by side and the code will be a bit clearer for you.

    *****I know this is very old but I replied because I found this post recently, used what I needed and thought I would make it easier for others*****
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