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calculation using reference to cells based on conditions

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    calculation using reference to cells based on conditions

    Hello Friends,
    I am trying to develop a macro which does calculations (using references to cells) based on conditions..
    My problem definition is:
    if there is a match between Column A of DRAM and Reference1 sheets, I must look for the row which has the value "WS Group Totals:" in Column B of DRAM Sheet and assign the Column D cell intersecting the row containing "WS Group Totals" to 'Cell3'. Then I have to look if there is a match between Column A of DRAM and Reference1 sheets and must look for the row in Column A of Reference1 where there is a match and I have to assign the "E" and "H" column intersection of the rows to 'Cell5' and 'Cell6' respectively and then I have to calculate the formula '(((10080*cell6*cell3)/(0.98*cell5)))+Worksheet("DRAM").Range("D19").Value' and assign that value to cell D20 and progressively till the end of row is reached, each time offsetting the 'Cell3' value by a column when 'Cell5' and 'Cell6' values remains the same..Actually there are two Workstation Groups: 'IMP_Plasma_PLAD_B2H6' and 'IMP_PLASMA_PLAD_BF3' for which a match of Column A in DRAM and Reference1 sheets will be found. the results for both of them are needed and placed below one another
    I have written a macro which is partly working. For the 1st worksatation group it is taking the 'Cell5' and 'Cell6' values of 2nd Workstation group. I am not able to figure out where I am erring. I have given my code below and have attached the original worksheet for your reference. I am very new to coding and I am really thankful to any help you can provide....
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