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Trouble Ticket system - shared workbook updates

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    Trouble Ticket system - shared workbook updates


    I created trouble ticket system in Excel 2003 and that will be used as a shared workbook by a bunch of people.
    Basically the users can fill and submit a form and the info goes into another sheet where the admins can see and delete tickets.
    (The bad thing is that I can only use Excel 2003. No Access or web server can be used )

    The problem that I see is to refresh the data for the admins. The user will save the workbook when clicking on ‘submit’ but I need the admins to have an up to date version before changing the file. I will run into conflicts if not.

    How can I solve that? How can I refresh the sheet with a macro before I change the file? Is there a better way to do this? Like with 3 different workbooks, a user interface, a admin interface and a data workbook?

    Thanks for the help!
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