Hi guys,

I've been desperately looking for an answer on this one and I'm hoping someone can help.
I have created a macro that will copy and paste a range of cells from Excel into a new email in Lotus notes ready to send when I want it to.
My issue at the moment is that all of my emails should contain a signature in the footer: I believe that when I select 'new message' in Lotus notes it opens a new email with my premade signature at the bottom; a sort of template I guess.
My macro at the moment seems to paste over all original text in a new email which of course means that the Signature is removed.
I've tried so many ways to solve this but have yet to have any luck: the closest I have come is pasting another lot of cells that look like the original signature however the Hyperlinks then do not copy over.

If anybody can lend there expertise I would be most grateful!

Thanks in advance

Mr F

p.s. more than happy to paste my code if that makes it easier.