Hi Guys,

I want to do the following:

-> Firstly import multiple images from the location where my workbook is based. I want that to be automated coz the images will always be in the workbook location.

-> Secondly I need the images to be sorted one after the other like 2 images per 20 lines. FYI the name of the images will change at all times.

-> Thirdly I need to label the images like mentioning what it is.

-> Finally once all this is done I need all the images and contents to be aligned in the center.

I have some code which does not work properly->
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There are 19 images in total. And the name of the folder inside the workbook.path location is "MetaboAnalyst Multivariate Analysis Output Files". It will always be the same. Also I am attaching the images for the betterment of the code. They are in .png format. Please find the attachment.


Thanks in advance guys.