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Seeking Help with Excel

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    Angry Seeking Help with Excel

    Greetings all.
    i get a report every Monday pulled from sequel and sent to me in excel 2010, it contains anywhere from 8-15k lines of information..i have tried macros...iam not very good...just looking for some guidance...the report takes awhile for me to complete and need to cut the work time down.Basically i get the info (Raw data) sent to me and then i have to break it down and filter into about 5 -8 different reports.for the 1st report i would work in the raw sheet filter by what i need only 3-6 columns then copy the whole raw data sheet and paste into sheet # 2... then go back to raw sheet delete what i filtered by then clear the filter so none of the data i put into sheet 2 is in there,then i go into sheet 2 and clean up the sheet remove information that is not needed.. and i do this 5 to 8 more times..
    i have very little experience with excel but am learning...so any help would greatly be appreciated....

    Thank you

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    Re: Seeking Help with Excel

    welcome to the forum

    please rename your thread to something more meaningful, that actually describes your problem. lots of contributors will look at a thread title, and if it of interest to them, or falls within their area of expertese, and will only open those threads. also, searching for "help" will not turn up too many results that will benifit you, sorry

    also, to better assist us in helping you, a sample file with (if its sensitive) dummy data would go a long way to show us what you want. please try to include a before and after situation, showing how you arrived at your end result

    looking forward to hearing from you soon
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