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Moving Data from one worksheet to another worksheet

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    Exclamation Moving Data from one worksheet to another worksheet

    I want to copy data from a worksheet and then paste into the first blank cell in a particular column on a different worksheet. How can I create code to do this?

    I also want to code to copy a particular cell and then paste into a different worksheet based on 2 criteria.


    The TDC Out Workbook is where I am copying data from and then pasting to New Main RSA 2012 Workbook. The TDC Out Worksheet(which gets created new everyday by that day's date), gets filtered by RSA smallest to Largest and then Part(or Item) from A to Z. Then the manual process is...Copy the serial number listed in column C from the TDC Daily Out from the first Item listed and find the RSA on the New Main RSA 2012 workbook and then find the corresponding item number and paste the serial number in the first blank for that item number in Column C of the New Main RSA 2012 workbook. This workbook is formatted to highlight red if is duplicated in column B(which is good). Then repeat this process for every record on the dated worksheet from TDC Daily Out workbook.

    I would like to also add coding that would highlight or flagged the serial number on the TDC Daily Out workbook if it does not highlight red or if it highlights green(which means that it was already added to this column.

    I have attached the test workbooks(which are identical to what I am working with except in size of file) to this post. These workbooks are completely virgin! They have no code with them...yet:-)

    I believe I have explained the process well, but if you need further explanation, please let me know! I look forward to seeing what your masterminds can do!!!!

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