This is a lengthy question so bear with me for a minute.

Marketwatch.com, a finanial website, posts ratings of mutual funds, called lipper rankings. There are five categories and within each category, the lipper ranking ranges from 1-5. On the webpage, these rankings are represented by an image.

Example: http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/fund/aramx

When viewing the html/script for the page, the script representing the images are, for example, as follows:

<img src="http://mw3.wsj.net/MW5/content/Investing/images/mutualfunds/medium-caption/4-tr.jpg" alt="Total Return: 4"/>

<img src="http://mw3.wsj.net/MW5/content/Investing/images/mutualfunds/medium-caption/4-cr.jpg" alt="Consistent Return: 4"/>

<img src="http://mw3.wsj.net/MW5/content/Investing/images/mutualfunds/medium-caption/5-pr.jpg" alt="Preservation: 5"/>

<img src="http://mw3.wsj.net/MW5/content/Investing/images/mutualfunds/medium-caption/1-te.jpg" alt="Tax Efficiency: 1"/>

<img src="http://mw3.wsj.net/MW5/content/Investing/images/mutualfunds/medium-caption/3-ex.jpg" alt="Expense: 3"/>

As you can see, the line includes the number, represented in the picture, of the ranking for each category.

These numbers are what I would like to pull into my spreadsheet, depending on the mutual fund.

I have a few hundred mutual funds listed, and pulling this information automatially would be a huge time saver.

Thank you. And help will be greatly appreciated.