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Matching with partial text

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    Post Matching with partial text

    Hi all

    I am trying to input a value in cell A1 depending on that value entered in cell a2 it will show the country code

    For example in A1 I enter the following : US1 BC25 IN A2 it should show "USA/AMERICA"
    likewise UK25 BD35 IN A2 It should show "UK"
    IN534372 IN A2 it should show "INDIA"

    Based on the first two alphabets it should show the country code

    What would be the best code

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    Re: Matching with partial text

    With left and VLookup (see the example).

    For the future, add an example without confidential information, so forummembers don't have to make your example.
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    Notice my main language is not English.

    I appreciate it, if you reply on my solution.

    If you are satisfied with the solution, please mark the question solved.

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