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solver macro + simulation code + not updating solver values

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    solver macro + simulation code + not updating solver values

    Dear All,
    We are writing a macro that generates some parameter distributions in one spreadsheet (Parameters), pastes them in another sheet called (Derivatives), runs the solver and then should take the optimal solution onto a third sheet called PSA.
    The problem is that the macro runs but keeps copying the same values onto PSA. Moreover, we don't see that the optimal value changes when the macro is running.
    Do you know what this is happening and how we could fix it? The macro below runs, but just doesn't update the optimal values and gives us a column with the same value in the final spreadsheet. We looked over all the threads and we can't pin down what to do with this.

    Many thanks.

    The code is:
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    Re: solver macro + simulation code + not updating solver values

    @ sabinemaria

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