I have a workbook with a data base. I need to have an option to autoprint the files in the folder corresponding to the values in the cells. I have illustrated this below:

S.No Mainfolder Subfolder Macro
1 ABC ABC12345 Print
2 DEF DEF56789 Print

Assume I have a main folder "ABC"; then I have a subfolder "ABC12345". This sub folder will have files of all formats (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .tif, .txt etc). I need to have a column in the right with the text "Print" in it. When I click the print, the files in the subfolder must be sent to the printer automatically. Also, the files must be printed in an order of the file type. (which I need to input while creating the code/macro)

Can you help me on this? This appear to be jeeky. But anyway I am not so techy to create new codes. If any copy past macros would enable me do this (with slight tweaking), that would be great. Please help.