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Reference Sheet Name in File Path

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    Reference Sheet Name in File Path

    Good afternoon,

    I am curious to know how you reference a particular sheet in a file path? I am assigning a filepath to a variable such as:

    strFile = "C:\Users\nworthen\documents\rrcc\Structured Personnel.xlsx"

    In this case, its data is being imported to Visio, but it could be anything...to Outlook, etc. By default, it pulls the data from the first sheet, but I'd like to be able to reference a particular sheet as an import. I tried selecting the entire sheet and defining a name then adding #givenName to the file path, but alas, no success.

    This is what I'm looking at:
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    This successfully creates my Visio org chart based on whatever I feed into the excel file. However, it would be terrific if I could specify what sheet to pull the data from.

    As long as I have headers that reflect the parameters I feed it (Name, Employee ID, Reports To..etc) it does the hard part. The only thing on the sheet is the headers and data and it correctly populates. The reason I'm going through this whole mess is I'd like to be able to break down the large org chart into a few smaller ones that would be reflected by what sheet it is pulled from. As is, if I wanted to create smaller charts, I would have to pull from different workbooks.

    Thank you for your time in this matter.

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