I wanted to populate a combo-box2's rowsource based on the value given in previous combobox1's value.

I used IF STATEMENT ...HOWEVER< i want to avoid using IF. Is there a way to use a V-Look or a lookup . following is the code I wrote using IF Statement:

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in the above code:
  • Coupling : Range of four Cell values (Eg : A1:A4)
  • Similarly, Mumbling and Beam Sizes are EACH a set of range of cells. (USed 'Name Manager' to name the range of cells )
  • Disadvantage of using the above code is : I am restricted to use just three values in combobox1. In reality its going to be close to 4500 values. SO cant use IF for each scenario

So was wondering is there a way to use Lookup or any other method. Any help is very much appreciated.

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Also, this question posted is much more simplified version of what I intended to ask on http://www.excelforum.com/excel-prog...e-manager.html