Hi all,
I have a problem with some amazing pictures of kitchen cabinets.
Because I'm not very adept at writing macros, made them lazy way by clicking on the sheets, but I think it's okay that was not the case. Here's the problem: excel file with many sheets, but just talking about 2 -> first named -> "Formuli", the second named -> "Formulas for the calculation." In the first box I L2 Dropdown 1 to 17 - each number is the number of image corresponding to the cabinet of the table to the left of the yellow square (1 is the first cabinet, 2 is the second etc. to 17).
Now - because I do not know how I did it like this ->
1. Right-click on the first picture (1 rack) -> Assingn macro
2. Window in it - Record macro - next is -> OK
3. It clicks and write what I want to happen.
4. Clicks L17, then "Formulas for calculating" - select cells D2: I28
5. I'm back in "Formuli" cell L17 - paste special value (required)
6. I'm going to drop down menu and choose L2 "Fig.1" (this is the first cabinet) - picture is shown above in the yellow square (you'll see).
7. Pressing Stop macro regording
Everything should be done, but alas only half. Suppose that I have chosen from the menu a different cabinet than 1, go and push the image of the first cabinet in the blue-green field - then the table (in the yellow box is transferred, but the picture does not change - which is actually my biggest problem ).
And I do not know why it does not want to change it????
link to fail ->