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Need VBA for Combo box and Data Validation list to find same value in another worksheet

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    Need VBA for Combo box and Data Validation list to find same value in another worksheet


    I am currently stuck! Unlike most Excel users, I am attempting to use a Combo Box without a User Form. Instead.. I am trying to use the Values(names) in the dropdown list to pull up another spreadsheet with a Matching Value. There are over seven hundred "name values" in the drop down list, and each name is listed only once in a spreadsheet range of a second worksheet. My desire is to scoll the drop down list or type in a specific name in the box on worksheet (6) named "Main Menu", and have worksheet(5) named "Uniform Cards" immediately appear with the matching "Value" displayed along with the related information within its range. The Values within worksheet(5) are each separated by eight columns of related information. The Values are also positioned on row one accross the entire spreadsheet. I am able to achieve a decriptive result so far by using the built-in "Find and Replace" Excel function. However, this approach requires too many steps, therefore making it not very efficient when time is important.

    Realizing that Excel can find matching vaules in other worksheets using the code found in "Find and Replace" leads me to believe that a VBA must exist for a ActiveX Combo box, or even a regular Data Validation Drop Down List that can perform similarly, but skip some of the existing steps within that program. PLEASES HELP! I need to write a VBA I think using the Change Event approach, however, I don't know where to start. Thank you.
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