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Extracting Data from 2 sheets & Placing in other 2 sheets of same workbook using VBA Macro

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    Extracting Data from 2 sheets & Placing in other 2 sheets of same workbook using VBA Macro

    Dear All,

    I have Two Worksheets in a work book (link of workbook provided for reference), Named "Main Template" and "SampleSheet for Main Template".

    Data and format of data in Column A, B, D & F of "Main Template" and "SampleSheet for Main Template" are constants and already filled.

    Data in Column (I & L) is to be filled manually in "Main Template" if there is any observation found in selected samples. Moreover "No" is to be manually entered in columns "M, N, O, P & Q" of "Main Template" for the list of those samples who bears the audit findings.

    For instance an audit finding entered in column "I" against sample No. 1 & 3. Now in column M & O, "No" will be manually input.

    Macro should work based on data in above said two sheets in following manner:-

    Read data from column "I" of "Main Template", and if it is filled then pick data of that row for columns "D, F, I, K, L" and place it in "Outcome Main" Sheet.

    Additionally it should assign and Annexure No. like "1" for first audit finding and 2 for second and so on.

    Then this macro should fill sample details with same annexure reference in sheet "outcome Annexure to Main" by picking data from "SampleSheet for Main Template".

    Data yellow marked in last two sheets is required output.

    File is attached for working.
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