I'm writing a macro to handle about 17,000 lines of data, where for simplicity sake, we'll say that column1 of data contains the name of a certification an individual holds, the next column is that individual's name, and the third column is the date they earned it. 200+ certifications, and many people hold more than one. However, for each certification, there's just one date.

When I build a pivot table using the recorder, and pick the certifications I want to see in the columns (names down the left & Dates in the field), the macro recorder produces what I call by exception, listing ones as "....visible = FALSE"

Since there's a good chance that certifications will be added, I'd like to code my macro to pick and set specific ones as "....visible = TRUE" instead.

Is this difficult, if so, could someone post the sample code showing in "With ActiveSheet.PivotTables....." ..... "End With" format?

Thanks so much.