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data storage

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    data storage

    I have a 10 element array named "people" and it contains the name of 10 different people. Each element of the array "people" has an unknown # of attributes.

    My question is what are some ways I can store the attributes of each name so that they are linked to the corresponding name in the array?

    Currently, I joined the attributes in a single string and then split them into an array when I need to use them. For example

    Attribute1(0)="male , 44 yrs old, white, single"
    AttributeArray=Split("Attribute1(0)", ",", , vbTextCompare)

    Is there a better way?

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    Re: data storage

    why not just a two-dimensional array compared to using a jagged array
    Please consider:

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    Re: data storage

    This would be a perfect application of custom classes.
    You would want two custom objects:
    clsPerson has the properties of Name, Age, Gender, MaritalStatus and Race
    clsPeople has a collection of clsPerson's, called Persons; a property Count, and a function Add

    in a class module (named clsPerson) put

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    in the class module clsPeople:

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    And it could be used with code like this (in a normal module)
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