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generating email depending on cell values problem

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    Lightbulb generating email depending on cell values problem

    Hey guys,

    I ran into a little problem here.

    Long story short:
    - I have to create an internal complaints tool in a call centre
    - About 8 different agents answers calls from agents that works in the call centre and from shops we have across the country
    - If needed, they have to send an email with the info they compile in a Excel sheet to the agent's coach
    - The agents keep the spreadsheet open during 1 full day and enter the data row by row so we can keep track of everything that's happening

    I tried to create mailto hyperlinks to keep it simple but I ran into the 255 characters limit, so when too much info is put in the cells, the link turns into a #VALUE error and the agent can't send the email.

    Can somebody help, I know NOTHING about Macros or VBA
    I tried to look up some solutions online but found nothing that's related to my needs

    I attached the file we work with but changed agents names and team leaders names (please forgive me)

    Thanks a lot guys
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