Hi guys

I've found a few posts here and elsewhere that talk about sending lotus notes mailes through macros, but I don't think I am quite advanced enough yet to peice them together to adapt them to what I need. If anyone could give me any pointers I'd appreciate it.

I'm looking to make a macro that will take my one-sheet workbook and email it as an attachment to a lotus notes email with a standard, static mesage body (although preferrably formatted?), a standard recipent(s) and cc(s), and a subject partly combining standard text and a cell value.

I have lots of these workbooks to mail out every month but because I'll be checking them before I send, I will adapt whatever code I end up with and save a separate macro within each.

Other info - Lotus Notes will always already be open whenever this macro is run. It's also the default email program.

Any help, or links to relevant places gratefully recieved.