I love you all. I've learned a tremendous amount from this website, and appreciate it very much. I have an extensive excel VBA workbook, that is reliable and impressive due to what i've learned from you guys, so thanks.

I've come across something that has stumpted me, and I wasn't able to find an answer while searching. Though this seems trivial, and probably has been asked often, I couldn't find a search that would bring up an answer.

I have the individual cells already mapped using the following code:

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However I have a Range of 500 rows, that need to perform the same tasks.

When data is entered in to cell C43, then when pressing enter, O43 needs to be selected, when entered, P43, then resolve to C44 when P43 is completed.

This should repeat for 500 rows.

Is there a way using intergers to define this action for a range of 500 rows?

thanks again