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Select multiple criteria based on check box selection and return all unique values.

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    Select multiple criteria based on check box selection and return all unique values.

    Hi, I am trying to create a searchable database so that the user can select a series of check boxes and when they click search it looks at another sheet and returns the corresponding locations. Note: The search criteria has 2 categories, and multiple criteria can be selected.

    I have messed around with a User Form (using dynamic named ranges) so a user selects the check boxes, then a destination range is populated with the checkbox selections, and then another area uses Index Match formulas to perform a lookup of the criteria selected
    (in the destination range). ( [CODE]{=INDEX(NamedRange, MATCH(1, COUNTIFS(CriteriaRange1, Criteria1,CriteriaRange2, CriteriaRange2), 0))}[/CODE )

    The problems that I face are:
    1) More than one unique value might meet the criteria selected, and all have to be shown in the results. (perhaps some loop function could solve this?)
    2) Numerous criteria might be selected, depending on the users requirements.

    So, I had another idea which is attached. But I don't know where to start or if it's even plausible?? I think this is quite a unique request but if there is any information out there or anyone wishes to take up the challenge I would love some help! Thanks!
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