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Two workbooks open together

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    Two workbooks open together


    Having a strange problam I'd like to get rid of - I have a workbook with many formulas (working with Application.Volatile). Whenever I open in addition some other excel file (doesn't matter which) and then go back to my workbook with alt-tab or the mouse - all the formulas cells show #VALUE!.

    When I click inside the cell and Enter instantly everything goes back to normal - but I'd like to make that issue disappear. Any ideas?


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    Re: Two workbooks open together

    Two causes for this issue:-
    • Since it is Volatile functions so each formula will keep on triggering if any change happens in any of the excel workbook.
    • May be your Volatile functions may not be covered to use the workbook in which it belongs to. Instead it may keep on referencing to the any active workbook.

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