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Create Multiple Pivot Tables VBA

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    Create Multiple Pivot Tables VBA


    I need multiple pivot tables to be created from one data source. The only difference between each pivot table, is the value that is selected in the report filter. So each pivot table will include the EXACT same fields in the same pivot table field. Each pivot table will have its own tab. The data source for each pivot table needs to be dynamic (the number of rows will change all the time), but the columns are fixed. The column range for the pivot table is A:G, but like I said, the # of records will vary.

    So this is what I need:
    • For every UNIQUE value in column A – create a pivot table in a NEW sheet and use the unique value in column A as the report filter value.
    • Document Name --> Report Filter
    • Month Name --> Column Label
    • Name of User --> Row Label
    • Count “Name of User” --> ∑ values

    Please see the attached workbook for an example of what I need.

    If you have any questions at all, please let me know. Need some help
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