Hi, I thought that I could use a Macro to complete several formating steps and make this faster but I did a vlookup and it worked and read the correct cells but if I use the Macro to format the data I paste in the cell it will not work. Please Help!

Sheet 1 is a form that I email
Sheet 2 is my data

The macro should delimit the data and convert to decimal time, I was also having trouble using the delimit to get just what I needed that is why there is a replace all triple spaces with a hypen. Listed below if the form the data is in when I start, and I have also attached the spreadsheet I am using. The data is from a report that is is TVR file and I have option to export to excel so I have to copy and paste the data and it will continue to look like the source file I attached. The data is compiled from 10 different reports into one that shows a snapshot of missing hours for the account.


Example Source.txt