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Complex Count Unique, Filter and Pivot Macro

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    Complex Count Unique, Filter and Pivot Macro


    I'm new to this forum so please excuse any faux pas I might make!

    I have been away from VBA for some time but now find myself having to do something quite complex and feel like a complete dummy. I can get parts of this to work but can't pull it all together in one macro!

    I have a spreadsheet with some columns (attached) and I need to be able to run a macro that:

    1. Scans column B for unique IDs (the whole column as rows will be added and subtracted constantly)
    2. Looks to corresponding cells in Column J of unique IDs from Column A and counts the row if J <26 and also <9 (with <26 inclusive of <9) (obviously each unique ID row counted only once - do not want each row for every ID)
    3. Excludes any rows where the unique ID in Column B has only one corresponding result of "7-PTEN LOH" in Column O
    4. Then, pivots results by Column E. However, Column E needs to be calculated items before pivot, due to old data entry and new data entry being different (so will need to add results for "3-Lung" and "Lung" together, etc.). Pivot table should be a count of unique IDs with results of Column J going down and Column E going across.

    All IDs, etc. from this data have been removed and replaced with made-up combinations but the data types are the same.

    Does this make sense?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    data example.xls

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    Re: Complex Count Unique, Filter and Pivot Macro

    Is this solved?

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