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bank reconciliation using excel

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    bank reconciliation using excel

    Is there is any formula in excel 2007 so that bank statement is matched with bank ledgers, as there are 100's of entries are in one day and it become hectic to do it manually,. kindly help me on this issue. Also one bank statement entry is to be matched with only one entry in bank ledger, considering withdrawal side i.e debit side of bank statement to be matched with credit side of bank ledger and receipt side i.e credit side of bank statement to be matched with debit side of bank ledger. Also basis of reconciliation should be amount and reference numbe.r if any.

    find the attached file.
    There are two bank ledger and one bank statement.
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    Re: bank reconciliation using excel

    HI Rajat,

    welcome to the forum.

    I checked the file and found that there is no reference number of the two bank ledgers (i.e., ledger 1 and ledger2)... though I can understand that the bank statement's Debit is payment and credit is receipt and we can match basis this plus amount but would be helpful if you could highlight few matches.. thanks.

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