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Macro help for consolidating data that changes per file basis.

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    Macro help for consolidating data that changes per file basis.

    I am having a problem creating a Macro that will help with the following problem.

    Problem: I have multiple serial IDs (highlighted in yellow) that I need to consolidate into one column.

    Every file has the same layout however different amounts of serial IDs.

    I've tried to think of a way to tell the macro to delete any cell that has text that is less then 7 char long.
    As well as delete any cell that has a space between text in a single cell.
    The last would be delete any cell that has -01,-02... so on and so forth.

    If this could be possible this would leave all the serial IDs then I would need to consolidate them into one column.

    I have attached a file with the layout. Sheet 1 has the layout and Sheet 2 has the desired outcome.

    the ending goal for me is to make it where I can have people in my group click on a macro then have the contents left as in the example of sheet 2.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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