Dear all,

I’ve read a lot of posts on this forum – lot of smart people, but I need a very precise script:

I have about 15 ‘data’ sheets in separate work books. I was hoping to get help on a script that would:

Copy data from a techie looking data sheet to a ‘prettier’ template with descriptions, etc. The script should:
- copy all rows EXCEPT ROW 1 (there are over 100 columns and can be as many as 5,000 rows or more).
-paste the data into a new workbook in cell B14 (there are titles, headers, descriptions ect in the new workbook.
-The columns between the two workbooks don’t match up exactly. To make them match, the data that was pasted (From workbook 1) to the new workbook (workbook1_Collection Template) has to have the rows moved to the right.
-Beginning in column AY (ROW 14), grab all data , shift one cell to the right.
-Once complete, beginning in Column BM, move data two cells to the right (meaning any column including BM and after has moved a total of 3 spaces).
- Save the same name of workbook 1 (or 2, or 3, etc), but with “Collection Template” appended to the end.
-The script should loop until complete, opening, closing, and saving as needed for all files in the folder.
-If possible, the new workbook should not be .xlsm as that is what is being sent to the users.

If someone could get this to work, you would literally save hours and hours of my work in a period that is extremely critical in terms of timing! Note: I am a beginning and can recognize what a piece of code would do, but not quite smart enough to make edits, so it should be full code to be helpful.