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nth instance of a character in a string

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    nth instance of a character in a string

    Hi all,

    Looking for some help.

    I have a list of US addresses some of which contain a P.O. Box number with the "P" not necessarily in the first position. I am looking for some code to extract the PO Box and its associated number whioch may be any number of digits. I guess i can do this using the InStr function together with the Find function. Butt struggling. This is the kind of thing

    iStart = find( InStr(sString, " Box ")
    iEnd = InStr(sString, " Box ") + Find(......
    sNewString = Mid(sString, iStart, iEnd)

    iStart and iEnd are integer viariables. sString is the string that i'm examining and sNew String is the output e.g. "P.O. Box 2345" which is passed to an array for subsequent printing.

    Any help very much appreciated.


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    Re: nth instance of a character in a string


    Can't you use InStr alone, first to find 'Box' then the space after it?
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