Hi, I'm new here and don't know much about VBA edition, thats why I'm asking for help.

I'm trying to find a macro that highlight cells with any kind of change(row or collumn inclusion too).
I already found some options but still have a problem.
I need a way to clean out this highlight manually, maybe a button, but if there's no way to do it the file could clear the highlight changes each 8 days, but would be much better if I could use a button.

I work with material planning, so I must highlight any changes in my forecast file, but after i send it for the other company areas i must clean out the old highlights to then highlight the new changes. I said that would be better if i can clean it manually because normaly i send it every each 7 days, but sometimes i take more or less time, so would be better if i can clean the highlight when i want.

Thanks for your attention,