Hi all,

I'd have several worksheets containing columns of data and wish to be able to select specific ranges within a given column so as to perform further operations like AVERAGE, SLOPE, INTERCEPT. Currently, I'm doing this manually, by going into the appropriate cell and updating the cell reference. However, this is time consuming, especially when trying to find the correct cell with lots of data (thousands of rows).

A condensed example, of the measured force (y) against time (x)
I have calculated the SLOPE over the linear section of the Force data

Time Force =SLOPE(B6:B8,A6:A8)

1 0
2 0
3 1
4 2
5 3
6 3.5
7 3.7
8 3.8
9 3.85
10 0

This 'linear section' requires different cell references, and is a different length, on each worksheet. I would like to put a slider(s) at the top of the sheet to:
1) control the cell references in the SLOPE function
2) readout the Force data at the minimum/maximum cell references

Can anyone help?