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User Search Form update Records using Invoice Number

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    User Search Form update Records using Invoice Number


    I have make a u "SEARCH RECORD Form" in vba to find records using Invoice Numbers. When I enter invoice number its shows me Date of purchase ,Customer Name, & Amount Which is Due. Its working fine.

    In this Form I aslo make 2 more text boxes.

    TextBox1= New Payment Received Box
    TextBox2 = Total Amount Due Box

    Now I want when a customer pays any further amount . It should update the record in the same existing row in Sheet by looking its invoice number which I enter to find record. NOT in the new row.

    For Example

    In WorkSheet I have the following Columns.

    Date Of Purchase Invoice Number Customer Name Total Bill Amount Received Amount Due

    2/July/2013101 John $8000 $5000 $3000

    Now when I use my Search Record Form and enter invoice number it shows me these details above..

    Now lets say this customer pays me $3000 which was its remaining payment. When I put $3000 in "New Payment Received Box" , it will show $0 in "Total Amount Due Box". Now I want when I use Update command it should show me like this...

    Date Invoice Number NameAmount Received Amount Due

    2/Jan/2013 101 John $3000 $0

    It should not update any other columns. It should update only "Amount Received Column & Amount Due Column"

    I hope you guys will understand what I mean..

    Thank You


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    Re: User Search Form update Records using Invoice Number

    Hello z-eighty2 ,

    Posting your workbook is the quickest way to get answers to your questions. Besides, people are not inclined to recreate your work.

    To Post Your Workbook
    1. At the bottom right of the Reply window, Click the button Go Advanced
    2. At the top of the Your Message Window, in the first row of icons, Click the Paperclip icon.
    3. Click the Add Files button at the top right in the dialog box. This displays the File Manager dialog.
    4. Click the Select Files button at the bottom middle of the dialog.
    5. In the new window Find the file you want to upload, select it, and Click Open.
    6. You will now be back in the File Manager dialog. Click the bottom Middle button Upload File.
    7. Wait until the file has completely uploaded before you exit the File Manager dialog.

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    Remember To Do the Following....

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    Re: User Search Form update Records using Invoice Number

    Post your existing code and someone can look at adding to it for you.

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