I am seeking a way to either write a VBA code or develop some sort of macro or even and Add-In that allows me to export the data from certain cells in my spreadsheet in Excel 2010 to and outside program that uses the data to develop new values which I wish to import into my spreadsheet into different cells. I am currently switching back and forth between the two programs (Excel and the outside program) manually placing the data into the outside program and running it. The outside program gives new values that I then have to manually plug into my Excel sheet. I hope to automate this process more anyway possible. I have another program that once downloaded automatically created Excel Add-Ins that act as new function procedures which I love since I can just work outside the VBE (in the spreadsheet) and use notation familiar to common Excel users (for example: nearly everyone knows how to use the =SUM function, these Add-Ins give new function commands such as =ENTROPY). Thank you very much in advance for any help or advice in these regards.