I've created a spreadsheet wherein cells are manipulated via a dynamic drop down list. This is accomplished using the "List" data validation type. What I'd ultimately like to do is restrict users from manipulating cells (or, more accurately, entire rows) past a certain date. I know this may be accomplished via the "Date" validation type, however, I am unable to understand how to include more than one data validation type per cell.

Is it possible for me to somehow restrict editing of an entire row based on any given date, if each cell in said row already contains one type (List) of data validation.

To be clear, I would like the cells in row 1 to "deactivate" & not be manipulated after, say, September 9; then, for Row 2, I'd like the cells to deactivate on September 16th; and so on. I do not need a set range as much as an end date, though set ranges could work also in a pinch.

Thanks a million, said the new guy.