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I need an excel script that will check each cell content and copy stuff

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    Lightbulb I need an excel script that will check each cell content and copy stuff

    I need a script to check the number if A? cell in Example1.xlsx matches A? cell in column A in Example2.xlsx, then copy corresponding C cell data in Example1.xls to C cell corresponding row cell in Example2.xlsx

    Example Files
    Example 2.xlsx

    what finished product would look like if script worked
    Example 3.xlsx
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    Re: I need an excel script that will check each cell content and copy stuff

    You don't need a macro for simple matches like this.

    1) Open both files.

    2) In Example2 cell C2 put this MATCH formula:

    INDEX([Example1.xlsx]Sheet1!$B:$B, MATCH($A2, [Example1.xlsx]Sheet1!$A:$A, 0))

    3) Copy C2 down that column.

    An alternate version of that formula, in case one of the numbers does not match, would be:

    =IFERROR(INDEX([Example1.xlsx]Sheet1!$B:$B, MATCH($A2, [Example1.xlsx]Sheet1!$A:$A, 0)), "")
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