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GetOpenFilename Not Working

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    GetOpenFilename Not Working

    I have very simple code. I just want to open a file. The open file dialog opens, I select my file, but it doesn't actually open. Any ideas?

    Sub OpenFileCopySheet()
    Dim filename

    filename = Application.GetOpenFilename("Excel Files (*.xlsx),*.xlsx")

    End Sub

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    Re: GetOpenFilename Not Working

    Hi, Jmk326,

    please wrap your procedure with code-tags when presenting it here.

    GetOpenFilename will only deliver a string with the path and name of the file, no opening is integrated in this command. The opening could be done like
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    You could consider using an integrated dialog which would open the file instantly.

    Use Code-Tags for showing your code: [code] Your Code here [/code]
    Please mark your question Solved if there has been offered a solution that works fine for you

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