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Change multiple cell colors based on date and time passed

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    Change multiple cell colors based on date and time passed

    First time poster. I know just enough about VB to be dangerous, not an expert by any means. I need some help finishing up a workbook that helps me track status with the following functionality:

    1. Move row (cut, not copy) to sheet based on status which is a drop-down list selection
    2. Set "Date Modified" cell to the date any of the data points are changed
    3. Change cell colors for multiple date cells, based on time elapsed.

    < one day = No Fill
    > one but < two days = Yellow
    > two days = Red

    I've extracted Worksheet_Change events for #1 & #2 from various sites and forum posts - they work perfectly. #3 works, but only for one date cell (column D). I've searched everywhere and tried many methods, but I cannot figure out how to make this work for multiple date cells (column F & H in the attached workbook). My last attempt is commented out.

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    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    For some strange reason, I couldn't insert the sites I wanted to reference...attaching in .txt.

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