I have around 200 excel files (sources), all look like one template, but with different data (for example cell B4 always contain surname of person).
Then I created one file, we can call it "report", where those data are stored in columns (for example second column is called name and contains those surnames) this file has 200+1 rows.
I made this by creating macro and I used function that reads data from closed workbooks in folder and all this is in the "for" cycle. That works fine.
Just 50 of 200 rows in report (or 50 of 200 sources) have one special attribute (when value in third column is less than 5 then I need to make word file).
So I need to create around 50 word files (outputs) which need to be saved in some directory. I have one word template with some text and pictures, but more importantly spaces for those data from excel. This problem I solved also. I used mail merge function in that word template. This function can create one big word document with 50 pages, each page contain my required output with special data at special place, exactly as I need. Then I use macro in word, just to cut this big file into small 50 files, outputs, and save them as test_i.doc. This macro goes through for cycle(i:1-50). This also works fine.
Now I have this dynamic system. If someone changes same values in one or more sources I press one button and report is recreated. Then I run macro in my word template and 50 new word files is created, each one of them replace original file.

Now I am getting to my problem.
My problem is following:
I canít replace all 50 word document (outputs) if only one source is changed. Problem is not that it is time consuming, but some another user will work with those files. They can change there some text or values, not those values from my report. But my macro doesnít save it, it just make new doc like template and their changes are lost.
So I just need to change values in those word files, not completely replace them. But another problem is when third column in report is changed or that special data in sources. Then I need to create two more word document in accordance with template and three of them delete, for example.
If there is some way to link from sources to those word files and skip ďreportĒ (I need report anyway). For example special attribute (when value in third column is less than 5 then I need to make word file) will be considered directly in those sources and if itís fulfilled then word document is modified, and if it doesnít exist new .doc is made.