Hello ! I new here and not so good in english , so please be clement with me and correct me.

I'll try to be clear to explain why I'm doing.

I have 3 things:
-1 "user" file (.xlsm)
-1 add-in file (.xlam) which start with excel
-1 XML file which is contained inside the add-in

I precise that i cannot modify the user file as it has already been diffused.

So I succeded to create menu and controls on the ribbon with the XML, they are automatically loaded when excel starts (it loads the add-in).

The issue comes when it want to link controls to the macros contained in the add-in. Even if I generated callbacks, and put them into a standard module inside the add-in, excel told me that it cannot find the macro.

If I put callbacks inside the user file, excel find the macro.

So how to indicate excel (via the XML file for example) to search for the macro to execute not in the active "user" file but in the add-in one?

I did another thing just to understand: I attributed macro (contained in the add-in) to a ribbon button directly using excel: file> customize ribbon>.... And then I opened the XML included inside the .xlb file.
I found that excel assigned the the full path of the macro (c:\users\.........add-in.xlam!module_z.macro_to_run) as the value of "OnAction".
So I tried to do the same with my XML file but CustomUIEditor cut the path automatically and so it does'nt work.

Is anyone could help me?

ps: sorry for mistakes...