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Error! when searching data from worksheet.

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    Error! when searching data from worksheet.

    Hello EveryOne,

    I have got a UserForm to search data from worksheet and show it in userform.

    In my search userform, the data is searched by first selecting " Year " and then " Batch Number " (Two Batches runs in a Year)
    so I filled combo boxes with "Batch 1" and "Batch 2"

    for example "Year 2013 " would have "Batch 1 and Batch 2"
    "Year 2014" would have "Batch 1 and Batch 2"

    In my worksheet, it has Data for "Year 2013" and data for "Year 2014" has not yet been inserted.

    The Problem is that when In the Userform I select " Year 2013 " and select Batch 1 or 2 it shows data in list box and in textboxes.

    But when I select "Year 2014" and select "Batch 1" or "Batch 2" it gives error.

    I know there is no data for "Year 2014" yet in the worksheet, but I want it should not give error in vba coding, But It should display MsgBox "No record found"

    I have attached worksheet and userform.

    Here is the code
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    I hope you guys will be understaning what I really mean?

    Plz help

    Kind Regards
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    Re: Error! when searching data from worksheet.


    Immediately after your For x..Next x loop add

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    I note that you have a loop to find the relevant row. As an improvement I'd suggest you consider a better way of finding the desired row. Loops can be time consuming for this type of thing when you have many tows to test.

    One way would be to have a helper column in your data that concatenated the Year and Batch numbers, then you could do a simple Find for the combination of ComboBox1 & Combobox2.

    There are no doubt several other methods, but avoid the loop in some way.
    Richard Buttrey

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