Greetings guys,

I will try to describe my problem as shortly as it's possible, since I am not a good English speaker, and I am in hurry of what is needed.

At my work, our boss decided that we have to make some practising, and after that - fill a poll with things we did or did not.

What I need is to make macro, that fills that sh*t randomly with one click. The problem is that if I fill some boxes, the other ones cannot be checked. What I would like it to work:

- Pick a hour between 10:00 - 10:30 (put into E2) and add 20-25 minutes to this (put into E3)
- make x in one, two or three boxnes picked randomly between:
E68/E69+E79/E71 etc.
- make x in one picked randomly:
a) E41/42
b) E56 (if this one is checked, ignore checking c) - E59/E60) / 57
c) E59/E60
d) E62/63 etc.
I just need someone to create some example scritp, and I will fill it with more boxes.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards,