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Horizontal filter

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    Horizontal filter


    I need a VBA to do some sort of horiztonal filter in Excel. I assume the only real way of doing this is by hiding columns which is fine.

    The code needs to read the input from F1 and hide any columns where this input does not appear in cell 1 of that column i.e. only leave the columns which match the corresponding input.

    - Please only hide columns from G onwards (the code needs to read to the end of the non blank columns as I need to keep adding data columns)

    See screenshot below - in this instance the input is "GCM" in F1 so columns H, I and J would need to be hidden but columns K and L would remain visible.



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    Re: Horizontal filter

    Something like. (not tested)

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    Hope this helps

    Sometimes its best to start at the beginning and learn VBA & Excel.

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