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HELP Copy row into next available row in other worksheet if column "D" matches sheet name

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    Question HELP Copy row into next available row in other worksheet if column "D" matches sheet name


    I need to copy the row in sheet 1 into the corresponding worksheet if column D has specific data in it. so when i add another row i would like that to be copied into the correct worksheet and also stay in Sheet 1.

    Example: If i add another row with the word "Excavator" in column D on Sheet 1, i would like every cell with data in that row to be copied into the next available row in the sheet named "Excavators" automatically. There is also going to be around 10-15 worksheets with different names. I would also like the row to be hidden or deleted in the corresponding sheet if that row is hidden in the main sheet (Sheet 1)

    I have never used any Macros or VBA.
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