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Excel 2007 Color changes when I copy a worksheet to another workbook:

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    Unhappy Excel 2007 Color changes when I copy a worksheet to another workbook:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to Excel. I have Excel 2007. When I go to copy a completed worksheet from one workbook to another, the newly copied worksheet has a completely different color scheme. I am posting a picture of this to show you what I mean.

    I have tried 2 ways to duplicate the worksheet from one workbook to another.

    1) I hit CTRL + A, then CTRL + C, and CTRL + V ; into the other workbook

    2) I also dragged the worksheet UP and held down CTRL button while I dragged it across into the other workbook.

    ----------------- Either way, the colors change -----------------------------

    Can someone tell me why it's doing this?

    Hope to hear from someone soon.

    Name:  Worksheet-Color-change.jpg
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    Re: Excel 2007 Color changes when I copy a worksheet to another workbook:

    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    It looks like there are two different colour palettes in use. The palette in use is changed on the 'Page Layout' tab - the 'Colors' button is on the left-hand-side in the 'Themes' section. (It might also be a different 'Theme' - on the same tab.)

    To keep the source colours, select what you want to copy, then right-click where you want it to go and select 'Paste Special'. In the window which pops up, select 'All using Source Theme' and click OK.
    Alternatively, paste as normal then before you do anything else look at the bottom right of the range you just pasted, where you'll see a little button with a picture of the clipboard and (Ctrl). Click this and then click 'Keep Source Formatting' (the top right button, with a paintbrush and some red dots).

    Hope that helps.

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