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How to use iferror formula on a date field

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    Smile How to use iferror formula on a date field

    I have used an iferror formula on a date field and where the date field is blank in the worksheet I am looking up it has returned 01/01/1900 instead of leaving it blank.
    My formula:=IFERROR(VLOOKUP([@[Batch No.]],'[0. OFM and Solutions MFG Plan.xlsx]Solution MFG Plan'!$A:$D,4,FALSE),0)
    The column that I am putting this formula into is formatted as date format.

    Can someone offer suggestions of how to get this to work.
    Thank you

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    Re: How to use iferror formula on a date field

    My simplest suggestion is to keep all the formulas as is and simply suppress display of zero value at all on that particular sheet. This setting is sheet specific, so it only applies the sheet onscreen at the time you set it.

    File > Options > Advanced > scroll down to Display Options for this worksheet: > [ ] show a zero in cells that have zero value (uncheck this)
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    Re: How to use iferror formula on a date field

    You may also consider to apply the custom formatting to the formula cells so that if the formula cell returns a 0, it will show a blank else it will show you the date.

    Use the following custom formatting for your formula cells.

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    You may change the dd/mm/yyyy portion as per your requirement.

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    Re: How to use iferror formula on a date field

    how would I use the "if formula" when I want to create a rule simply stating if the date in one column is prior and/or up to a certain date it shows as "pass", if the dates is post it shows as "fail" example.. columns a and b both have dates.. in column c I apply the rule =if(value date in b1<=a1,"pass","fail").. but it doesn't populate correctly.. if a1 has a date of 9/01/2018, b1 has 9/5/2018, then it should say "pass".. can someone please advise..

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    Re: How to use iferror formula on a date field

    Hi IV4N3O5. Welcome to the forum.

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