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How to create expanding formula ranges in table ??

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    How to create expanding formula ranges in table ??

    So basically I want to create an expanding range in a formula in a formatted table.

    So if it was just a normal range the formula would look something like this;


    Then as I drag the formula along the row it would automatically change as below;

    and so on.

    When I try and do this in a formatted table it either stays completely static, or the whole range moves.

    I did think it may look something like this, but have not had any consistent joy with it;

    =COUNTIF(table_name[[ColumnB Name]:[ColumnB Name]]:[ColumnE Name],">0")

    Any guidance would be gratefully received.

    I am using Excel on Mac if that has any bearing on the solution.

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    Re: How to create expanding formula ranges in table ??

    Normally I am a huge fan of Excel tables, but sometimes they can be too helpful. This is one of those cases. Instead of selecting the cells and letting intellisense fill in the cell name, type the formula in manually. The table will "respect" the sheet reference as opposed to filling in the table cell name later. So if you type: COUNTIF($B2:F2,">0") and drag it across you will get the results you want.
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